Thursday, 25 August 2011

My love is like a red,red rose (or a strawberry cupcake or a flowery,summery dress)

The Most fantastic colour red roses -ever

Not sure how this photo got in here but this is what happens when you try to do a photo shoot and Tinker is around.She`d just eaten a cupcake.Do you like the hampers? I have lots for hire.

The taste,smell and colour of summer .

For those shunning pastels maybe this Splendid Days wedding cake might light your fire

Pretty but it has attitude .

I love this platter, it reminds me of lunches at Grandma`s house years ago.

I`m in love with my new red floral dress,it makes me very happy! Thankyou to the lovely Hayley from Vintage scoops for helping me find it .By the way check out Hayley`s amazing vintage icecream van I have a huge smile on my face as soon as I look at the website -it`s so happy making.

This is one of the stone urns for hire (yes I know they are heavy but I have some muscles somewhere )I liked it so much I bought it carried all down Lewes high street to my car.Quite a workout...
then I decided I wanted a pair!
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Ginger Beer and Cherries

Two of my absolute favourite things are cherries and ginger beer.They both would have to be included in any tea party I was throwing for my own friends and family.The photo was taken by my handsome son last year when he was 13 at Batemans Gardens just before I quaffed and guzzled.There wasn`t much to buy in the shop (a refreshing change from the norm when visiting these places) but there were lovely old vintage wooden crates piled high with cherries and in the only things to drink were ginger beer and strawberry lemonade -perfect!
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Friday, 19 August 2011

Summer Vintage Styling


This is me in the middle of styling a recent vintage themed wedding.There will be a lots of photos to follow of the finished look which I can`t wait to share with you .I have had a sneak preview of the photographers amazing photos and she has really captured the vintage vibe and colourful look of the day .The whole story of the day will follow soon -I promise !
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