Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Very, very addictive Rocky Roads-make them at your peril!

Well ,I have been promising so many people this recipe that I thought it should be my first even though it isn`t cake! It`s dangerously easy to make and eat but totally delicious .Last Christmas I had a party and these were the stars of the show!I also took them to Glyndebourne for the chorus picnic and they were a bit of a hit there too!

I`m mulling over whether to offer this on my website as well as cakes at the moment . 

The Recipe

250 Grammes of milk chocolate 150 Grammes of dark chocolate 175 Grammes of butter 250 Grammes of digestive biscuits 200 Grammes of macadamia nuts 150 Grammes of marshmallows-big ones cut up into chunks 2 tablespoons of golden syrup 


  1. Melt the chocolate and the butter with 2 tablespoons of golden syrup 
  2. Put the biscuits in a big bowl and bash with a rolling pin so you have some biggish pieces and some smaller pieces and a bit of crushed 
  3. Add the nuts and marshmallows to the biscuits 
  4. Pour the melted mixture into the bowl and stir until everything is coated 
  5. Butter a tray bake style tin (about 236mmx296mm).I use on with a base that slides out as it`s easier when it comes to cutting it up. 
  6. Tip in the mixture and press it firmly into the tin . 
  7. Refrigerate until cold. 
  8. Cut into pieces .This can be quite hard work! 
  9. Arrange on a platter in stacks or load up a vintage cake stand and dust with icing sugar. Add any extra decorations such as extra marshmallows or anything seasonal or partyish! 
  10. Devour! 
  11. These can be frozen ahead although they are so quick to make I don`t bother. 

You can be quite casual about this recipe and change the types of nuts, add other ingredients such as cherries, use your favourite type of biscuit but this is the Holy Grail of Rocky Roads to me. Often recipes use all dark chocolate and it`s rather too intense but I suppose it`s all down to personal preference.

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