Saturday, 16 October 2010

Do you like stone urns? I found this the other day ,actually I found two of them in an antique shop .I thought they would look fantastic either side of an entrance to a marquee . They are just over two feet high and with filled with fabulous flowers they could make a real impact .

If you want to hire them I can deliver them to your florists for you and then they could conjure up a fabulous arrangement .

There are three florists I am mad about at the moment -

No 1.Kiki and Cole in Hurstpierpoint (they have a really lovely artistic website and have a real vintage vibe .Some of my flower jugs and punch bowls have been used by them before .) 

No 2. Spriggs Florists in Petworth - from what I have seen the quality of what they do and their professional approach is really impressive. 

No3. Miss Pickering in Stamford-gorgeous website and my absolute favourite blog at the moment .
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