Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Beautiful sunshine and the promise of parties !

Spring is well and truly here, the daffodils are out, the birds are singing  and we are hotting up for a season of wonderful parties and weddings .It`s going to be splendid!

If you are organising an event in the coming months here are a few top tips that might help you get on top of things, save a few pennies and add uniqueness and fun to your event -after all -who wants to be like everybody else?

1. Flowers .

How about planting some seeds and bulbs in a spare patch in the garden ? If you get your timing right you will have huge bunches of flowers to decorate and dot around at very little cost. Try for inspiration. Think about fragrance as well as looks , walking into a marquee filled with vases of sweet peas on a summers day would smell delightful.Take a look at our vintage flower vases, jugs and punch bowls for the wow factor.

If you are wanting to hand over the responsibility to a florist then I can highly recommend the very knowledgeable Spriggs Florists for the most perfect flowers .Also good for flowers with a vintage vibe are Kiki and Cole Their website is gorgeous.

2. Drinks 
Make your champagne go further by serving bellinis -a mixture of champagne and  fresh fruit which is scrumptious and looks very pretty in the glass.Use fruits such as peach ,strawberry and even rhubarb for a really delicious summery feel. For the perfect glamorous finishing touch serve from our gorgeous vintage ornate silver trays. Proseco is a great sparkling cheaper alternative  .Make sure you pamper the non drinkers -sparkling elderflower is a lovely summery option.
A summer cocktail can also be delightful way to start the party .Think sea breezes and margaritas for hot days.
Ring the changes and serve your champers in vintage teacups if you want to set the latest trend and surprise your guests by doing something different!

Every meal will need napkins.Try to avoid paper as it will spoil the look and they will blow around everywhere! Make yours special by tying with a silky or linen ribbon and adding a sprig of lavender to finish off. Your tables will also smell beautiful too.
Make sure you have water jugs filled with ice and lemon on the tables and good glassware .Ask your waitresses if you have them to regularly clear dirty glasses which can soon build up and look horrible in all the photos.
Make sure your chairs suit the look of the party,there are lots to chose from so shop around.Sussex marquees have very similar chairs to the chairs in the photo of the Kennedy wedding below if you want to add real class!
If you are providing wedding favours for your guests make sure they suit the look of the table and don`t clutter things up .If necessary create a fabulous separate display near the exit so guests can pick up their favours as they leave as they can so often get left behind by mistake.

4.Overall look 

Think about having a stylist on the day to bring all the elements together and ensure you get the all important finishing touches just right. We offer styling consultations before the event and on the day styling so you have time to pamper and beautify yourself and really enjoy yourself.

5.Garden Ideas


If your party is at home then dress up the garden with twinkly lights, candles in jam jars tied with ribbon and some extra elements for the wow factor.
Line the pathways with garden flares,preferably the plain bamboo ones.
Put up your lights well in advance as this can be fiddly ,you can also then check them and replace bulbs and work out whether you need extension leads.All these things can be time consuming!
Do make sure the garden is well presented with mown lawns and tidy borders and don`t leave this job until the day of the event! 

We supply gorgeous bird cages which can be hung from trees in the garden and filled with candles ,flowers or even cupcakes!
Stripy deck chairs dotted around finished off with vintage cushions look great .A hammock slung from a tree and filled with cushions makes a fun area for any children that may be attending.
Garden games such as croquet or boules can be enjoyable and get the conversation flowing amongst people who don`t know each other .Take a look at our website for the old fashioned fun garden games we have for hire .

6. Think of the comfort of your guests.

If you are having a party going on into the evening then a row of pretty wraps for guests to borrow to sling around their shoulders will be much appreciated when the night temperature falls.
Put out your best soaps and hand towels in the bathrooms,even if you are hiring toilets in and don`t forget a small posy of flowers. Make sure the guests have a mirror to check their appearance.
If you are having a marquee and want to push the boat out have a smaller marquee added onto the main marquee and set up a shabby chic dressing table and big mirror .Don`t forget to add a large vintage flower jug filled with a big display of flowers .Take a look at our amazing flower jugs for hire .

Summer evenings can become chilly so don`t forget to think about heating .In the garden you could think of dotting around some fire pits filled with logs .These will add glow, warmth and atmosphere .Place some deck chairs around them finished off with vintage cushions and throws for a stylish evening.
If you are having a marquee ,speak to the marquee company about heating the marquee ,they are sure to be able to advise .Try www.sussexmarquees for the best customer service in the South East area.Tim and Neil are experts in putting together the perfect package for your event and their tents are stunning and  immaculate .

8.Nibbles and goodies.

You may be having a huge feast but once that is over and people are still drinking, dancing and having fun they will need tasty things to pick on. How about some of our delicious cupcakes piled high on vintage glass cake stands in an array of flavours ? Not only will they cause a stir when they are displayed half way through the evening they will keep everybody energised for dancing the night away.
For those with a more savoury tooth our savoury tarts in a variety of flavours are delicious or how about a huge platter of cheeses and biscuits ? 
Some gorgeous vintage china plates and platters for the nibbles will finish off the look.

9.Being organised  

Buy a notepad and keep all your important details in one place to avoid hunting down scraps of paper !
Make sure you book all the important elements such as marquee of hotel, caterer, crockery supplier and stylist well in advance to avoid disappointment especially in the summer months.
Sort out a list of taxi numbers and possible accommodation and email to your guests in advance .
Delegate chores like lighting candles and tending the fire pits to responsible people who are happy to help .You can`t do everything! 
Make some lists and do as much as possible in advance and have someone take over on the actual day .You will not be wanting to worry about the details on the day and things may become stressful and tiring.

10. Do what you love!
If you have your heart set on vintage china then make sure you put it to the top of your list, if you really want floating candles on your pond then make sure you sort it out ,if you have dreams of your whole driveway being lit by hundreds of candles then do it .These are the things that will set you apart and make your party amazing.It`s your party so do it in your own style !
Save money where you can but spend on the things you absolutely love.It`s all about setting the scene and creating the atmosphere .Scruffy cheap marquees that have seen better days and dated 1980`s old crockery will never look good no matter how nice your flowers and decor. White plastic chairs are also going to ruin the look .If you are wanting to economise you could always borrow some straw bales from your local farmer ,top them with cushions and use them as extra seating in the garden.

So happy planning to all who are putting on an event this year and don`t forget to give us a call here at Splendid Days for vintage china hire ,afternoon tea parties ,event planning and styling ,delicious cakes and goodies and a whole lot  more.We are here to help and you can guarantee your event will be splendid!

Roll on summer! xx

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