Saturday, 4 February 2012

I did it my way ................

Take some beyond lovely vintage teapots, a favourite book , a much loved floral sewing tin and an oak plinth 

et voila! 

A series of gorgeous ideas for a centre piece for a table setting.

It`s nice to have meaning to what you chose ,that way you`ll love it .I love this book published by Persephone. The grey cover belies a beautiful printed interior and matching bookmark -small things please me! 

But I mainly love it because I do have children and they do live in a barn. 

So who cares what the others think ? If you are having a party or an event then do it your way and do it from the heart.

Chances are if you do that they will love it anyway and also find you highly original and inspiring!

A double chocolate cupcake .....mmm! 

Served  in a dinky vintage teacup and why not I ask.

I asked my husband to cut me these oak centre piece mats .
He thought I was mad .
I beg to differ . 

Afterwards I discovered a picture of just the same thing in the weighty tome that is the Martha Stuart Book of Entertaining. 

Who else makes oak mats out of old logs then photographs them apart from me and Martha I wonder ? 

In this crazy old world there must be somebody I`m sure !
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