Monday, 28 June 2010

Vintage silverware meets 21st century modernity

At an event this weekend Splendid Days vintage silverware and a flamboyant pink floral arrangement were combined with 21st century modernity in the form of a glass bar that could be lit from below and looked fabulous at night .The whole event was a successful and stunning mix of old and new .

If you love the classic country house look an alternative could be an oak bar. Dress with silver canldesticks and vintage flower jugs with informal ,wild looking floral arrangements and place nibbles for your guests in vintage patterned bowls .The silver punch bowls would also fit very well with this theme .

It`s always worth spending time planning the look of the bar area as this is so often the focus of attention and it needs to fit in with the overall look of the event . There are many fantastic ways of usng vintage items at your event so keep following the blog for more examples that will be coming soon .
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